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As I go about my daily activities, I often pause to take notice of the details found within the natural environment. The expressive curve of a tree branch, the texture of a rock, or the numerous colors found while walking through the woods. I find the natural environment to be an endless source of inspiration. While I draw my inspiration from nature, my intention is never to imitate it. As my hands sculpt the wire, I am able to not only create a form that houses the gemstones, but I feel connected with nature in an artistic way.


I have been creating things in one form or another as far back as I can remember. My childhood years were spent playing with cardboard boxes, power tools, discarded items and generally having endless fun with a box of scrap wood and a hammer. After earning my degree in Architecture, I was able to delve into the real world of the built environment. My career began in the field of architectural historic preservation, and I was part of a team that wrote design guidelines for historic districts across the country. Fast forward a few years to a major career change, followed by starting a family and raising two great kids, and I found myself again looking for that creative outlet that feeds my spirit. Through the years I pursued a broad range of artistic mediums but was never able to find the one that suited me. What started as a simple wire tree to hang my earrings spurred a drive to create more elaborate trees. At last, I had stumbled upon the medium that I had been searching for.


The process of creating a new tree always begins with the gemstones. Once the stones have been selected, I begin the process of preparing the copper wire. The wire I use is salvaged from buildings, and I put it through a multi-step cleaning process to remove any residue and prepare it for use. It is gratifying to use recycled material and turn what was discarded into something beautiful.


flowers on base22015 garnet tree front


2015 herkimer frontredenbarger tree 2016



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