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SEZZ was born, fully realized, out of an artist’s need to say something different. To speak to the aesthetics of tiki; to film noir sensibilities, dark femme fatale infatuations, and why we as a society shy away from anatomically correct plastic parts.
One cannot approach these important socio-pathological debates through more, shall we say, acceptable, high brow genres of paint and canvas. If you need to discuss pulp and pandemonium there are far fewer avenues from which to choose.
So an alter ego, a “nom de brush” became necessary. Not really an “evil Twin” but most certainly a more “interesting” art persona. Armed with skills honed, fine tuned and dragged through decades of commercial illustration and graphic design, painting for childrens books; for sports teams; for ad agencies and finally for the hallowed halls of fine art galleries and collectors’ walls, SEZZ wallows in the parboiled stew of “Low Brow / Retro / Illustrationsim / Destructopop Narrative.
Enjoy the conversation.
SEZZ ( aka Shawn Shea )

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