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Pastel Morning at WaldenArtist Registry and Gallery —
I am inspired by the beautiful patterns, colors and designs in the surrounding world and am
driven to look closely at this beauty and interpret it in a fresh way. Also, as an avid student of
art history, many of the past movements in art, especially the Impressionists and Romantic
periods have influenced my work . Some of my favorite artists are Degas, John Singer Sargent
and Tissot. Elizabeth Mowry, a contemporary pastel artist, has also had a profound influence on
both my visual and philosophical approach to painting.
My senses are open to the hidden color in everyday Winter Light Pottofflandscapes; the deep purple of a cast
shadow, the soft pink in a winter sky, and the bright red of a maple in autumn. Whether scenes
are local or distant they often allow us to recollect a place that gives a special connection. By
sharing these quiet observations with the viewer, I hope they too will stop and look more
carefully at the beauty in their surroundings, and that this will evoke a place or memory.
Pastels are my medium of choice. They allow me to create shimmering, heightened color effects
The Last Stand Pottoffas well as draw; and they support the freedom of spontaneity in my work.
I balance my pieces between studio and plein-air. Working in nature forces one to capture the
essence quickly, while a studio environment allows a deeper exploration.





A love of the outdoors inspired Lydia to leave her native Maryland and move to Colorado in 1973 to attend college. She left school for several years and pursued other interests but always kept active in creating art. When the opportunity arose to finish her education she enrolled in the fine arts program at Metropolitan State College. There she pursued a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in drawing and graphics communications. For 25 years she has had a successful career in the graphics field first working for several large companies and then forming her own Boulder-based design and marketing agency, Epicenter Creative with Cindi Yaklich. During that time she raised a son, and continued to pursue drawing and painting.

The passion to create a more personal vision drew her back into fine arts; pastels were a natural choice since they combined her love of drawing and color.

Lydia has a 23 year old son Will who lives in Denver, Colorado. She lives in rural Boulder County with her husband Tony, their two dogs, three cats,17 chickens and 10 beehives.
BA Metropolitan State University 1984
Graduated with Honors

Professional workshops with Elizabeth Mowry, Paula Anne Ford, Desmond O’Hagen, Jake Gaetdke , Lee McVey, Bruce Gomez.

Professional Experience
Art director and owner, Epicenter Creative 1993 – Present
Fine artist 2008 – Present

Professional Memberships
Pastel Society of Colorado
Plein Air Painters of Colorado
Louisville Art Association
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