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As many creative people say: I have been an artist my whole life.

I love to see, touch, smell and enjoy nature, so i apply it to canvas so others can see my

experience through their own eyes.

As a child I was the one you had to go and find while out on a walk, because I became

distracted with blades of grass, …the colors the length texture,.. rocks…the size the

shapes and colors wet or dry, the sky… the different shades of blue, the vibrant sunrises

and sunsets.., the rainbows… the clouds..the perceived images within the clouds…all

plant life, terrain, geology…the effects of the sun on a particular area anytime of day or

night….and the stars…oh my…I could go on but I’m sure that you get the picture…I enjoy

and appreciate all of the beauty that I see in nature.

When I am applying these images to canvas, I am so engrossed in painting that I don’t

realize how quickly time passes…I really love to recreate what I see, and when the

painting is done, that is my snapshot to remind me of the beauty of that particular moment

in time…

I think that is why I enjoy hiking so much. There is something new to be seen at every

turn. The same goes for destinations, new material for me to see and

experience. I have been fortunate enough to travel with my art, and my art has traveled without me.

I frequently teach painting classes, critique portfolios, enjoy speaking engagements and

many other art related experiences.

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