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I enjoy the concentrated, quiet and personal search for photographs. I take a “plein air” approach to finding images – placing myself in a particular environment and taking the time to look – letting the view develop, take shape…. waiting for the change – the moment of shifting from looking to seeing.

I sketch with the camera.   It isn’t a defined object I’m looking for, it is color, light, shape, texture, line, dimension & pattern and how they combine to form an image. As much as I will later change an image, I always want to maintain the photographic part of it, the sense of reality – that these things did exist in moments, were real, and had an effect on me.

The digital darkroom allows a more personal expression to these photographic sketches. In various ways, serendipitous or planned, I continue creating from my sketches, enhancing or limiting elements to express myself, to define my view, to create. In many ways I pull away from the photographic quality of the object and especially the definitions and necessities of photography.

I print my own images. Beyond the ability to once more shape the outcome, this allows me another group of possibilities.  Types of papers and substrates and their effect on images will surely continue to create new possibilities for expression in the combination of ink and its holder.

What I hope to present, finally can be viewed as impressionistic? abstract? expressionistic? Personal? All have my personal view, my thought, my sight – this is what I see in the greater sense – beyond the reality of it. Though far ranging in subject, my images always must come back to the reality of the photograph – all exist where I have been, all continue to define where I have been. I present Images – the combination of photograph and personal expression.


Member Artist – Arts Longmont Gallery, Longmont CO.

Farm+Fresh Program 2016 – Arts Longmont Gallery, Longmont CO.

Coop Artist – KCP Gallery, Longmont, CO

Gilpin County Art Association Summer Show 2016 – “Home…Once” Best of Photography


John Goyer


Fireflies in Autumn Goyer

Fireflies in Autumn

Home Once Goyer

Home Once

Golden West Milling Goyer

Golden West Milling

Road Home Goyer

Road Home

Winter Pond Goyer

Winter Pond

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