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Vibrant swirls of color move across the canvas in a soft dance, whispering, beckoning the viewer to step into a world in which all is completely transformed. Subtle lines and shapes merge together into a fluid vision that speaks to the deeper space within each of us where what we feel and what we see become one.


Amy Mathews creates a magical kind of beauty that is made for exploring and contemplating. Although she is painting her own journey within her work, her hope is that others will find their own meaning. It is important to her that each viewer experiences his or her own story within the colorful brush strokes.


Born and raised in the California Mojave Desert, her world was a tangle of dry tumbleweeds and Joshua trees. The barren landscape surroundings were not much inspiration for pursuing art at the time. Later, she attended college in San Diego where she majored in Behavioral Science and built a career in Human Resources. In 2004, Amy moved to the Rocky Mountains. The beauty of Colorado became a great inspiration and her love for painting was born. She has been creating ever since.


It was Mathews’ mentors, Linda Sole Faul and Lillian Kennedy, who helped to give her a solid foundation in art and continue to help her along her journey. They have always guided her to learn what worked well and understand technique, but to also discover her own voice and unique style.  Amy carved out her niche in her signature “Impasto Art” which means ‘to lay paint thickly’.


Most of all, she finds her passion for creating in the life that she lives. Their home sits perched on the edge of a lake, gazing lovingly up at the Rockies. Horses run free by the side of the road, and when jogging she passes cows and buffalo along the path. Her painting studio is located in her home, which she shares joyfully with her two daughters. They love playing in the studio, spending time with their mother and exploring their own creativity.


Amy is represented by local galleries in Colorado and is seeking national gallery representation.


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