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Debbie Adams
Debbie has captured the light since the age of 17; a lifelong passion and dedication to the art, business and advancement of photography. A move to Colorado in 2009 and hikes in the Rockies rejuvenated her creativity. Along with photographing people, pets and parties, Debbie loves to capture nature’s splendor. Whether photographing flowers blooming in her […]...Learn more

Janet Aitken
I’m Janet Aitken aka Indigo Rhino Designs. I live in colorful Colorado now, but I’ve spent time in Indiana, Alabama, Virginia, Wyoming, Wisconsin and Illinois. I share a home with a colorful helicopter pilot and two Welch corgis. It is in this place that I cautiously attempt to create small and medium-sized objects of great […]...Learn more

Jody Anderson
I find joy in not only the laying out of objects for my still life work – admiring a figurative pose or planting my feet on some soil for a landscape work – but more importantly, the laying down of color on the canvas to interpret what I see beyond what is obvious. Manipulating color […]...Learn more

Angelo Ambrosia
Angelo’s creative life began under the instruction of his father, Alphonse Ambrosia. These first acquired skills, woodworking, photography, and black and white film processing laid a firm foundation for what would become a never ending fascination with creating beautiful art. As a young man, Angelo began working with clay. He learned to use the wheel […]...Learn more

Grahame Atkinson
Grahame Atkinson is a multi-faceted artist working in a variety of media: terra cotta, raku-fired ceramic and bronze, as well as drawing and painting.  His pieces are inspired by his Celtic background and, as such, are rich in color and design. Growth and the cyclical nature of life are recurring themes in his work which evokes a […]...Learn more

Vanessa Aves
My style of art is contemporary American abstract painting.  Coming up at the end of October, I will become internationally known in Vienna, Austria.  I have also been displayed in New York, Philadelphia and Denver.   I went to Metropolitan State University of Denver to receive my BFA and I just achieved my MFA from the […]...Learn more

Janae Baumhover
Janae Baumhover’s work explores the connection between humanity and nature. This encompasses the biomorphic and harmonious shapes found within the stone, which extend themselves outward and reach into the complexity of the human mind. Within each sculpture lies a complementary relationship developed between thought and form. The aesthetics of her work is achieved by practicing […]...Learn more

Joe Beakey
As a beginning photographer I use different angles and lighting for subjects that are often photographed. I strive to take landscape photographs that are different but have beauty and color to them. As for my black and whites I try to have intense lines and shadows making a somewhat bold look. All my photos are […]...Learn more

Tabitha Benedict-Aaron
I have been an artist since I was a small child, winning my first, first place prize in the 1st grade.  My list of awards and recognitions continued to grow throughout grade school.  I completed my BFA in Commercial Illustration at Cazenovia College in Cazenovia, NY in 1996.  My past career in the arts has […]...Learn more

Kema Miriam Berry
Muse Gallery Artist The receptivity of light on my subjects has always held a fascination for me.  Light has the ability to permeate, saturate, reflect and infuse even the most mundane objects, transforming them into a study of contrasts and shadows or a blend of suffused softness.  It is this interplay between light and shadow […]...Learn more

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